Fishing Creek  Sportsmen's Association
Benton, PA 17814

A tax-exempt 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization


The club’s largest area of activity deals with fish stocking (see the Fish Stocking page).

The club’s second largest area of activity is our rifle range. The range includes pistol, shotgun, and rifle ranges from 25 to 100 yards. A “blue rock” trap range is also provided. For insurance purposes, a club membership is required to use the rifle range. As a courtesy to our neighbors, range hours are 9:00 AM until sundown. For Range Rules, please see the "General Info" page..

The tracts, owned and leased by the Club, consist of over 100 acres and are available for hunting, fishing, and other activities by everyone, whether they are a club member or not. There is a listing available for all to see where public access properties are located (please see the 'General Info' page).

The club is constantly pursuing the leasing and purchasing of available properties, preferably bordering Fishing Creek and other local streams. These properties will then also be open for use by the general public. The club’s lands are guaranteed by legal agreements with the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy to be forever available to the public.

Each year on the first Sunday in June the Club hosts a Children’s Fishing Derby at the Mill Race for children between the ages of five and twelve. This Derby is free for all who register, and prizes are awarded to the big winners in each category.

We have previously provided mentors to Camp Victory to teach children how to fish, and an information booth is provided at the annual Early Bird Show in Bloomsburg.


Support for club activities are provided by various donations, grants, lotteries, club membership fees, and by selling bags of fish food at the Mill Race, which we provide to feed our resident ducks and the trout. A feeding platform is provided for this purpose. Approximately 30,000 bags of fish food are sold annually, on the honor system.
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