Fishing Creek  Sportsmen's Association
Benton, PA 17814

A tax-exempt 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization

Association History

During 1850, the Shannon Mill was constructed on the property. The mill stopped operating in 1943. In the 1940’s, the dam spanning Fishing Creek and the mill race were in need of repair.

In July 1964 anglers recognized the potential of the spot and held a meeting at the Benton VFW. The meeting resulted in the creation of a committee to obtain funding to repair the dam. A contract was awarded in September 1964, and the dam was rebuilt in October of that year. Improvements to the dam resulted in several new springs opening and increased water depth.

On July 24, 1969, the Fishing Creek Sportsmen Association started its cooperative trout nursery using the improved mill race. Various improvements, such as enclosing the raceway to prevent predators from impacting the fingerlings, and aeration system to eliminate winter ice, and oxygenate the water, as well as the construction of various structures needed to maintain the nursery, were added in subsequent years.

The maintenance associated with club’s activities is performed by a few dedicated members and is strictly voluntary. Mowing of club grounds, bagging of fish food, feeding the fish, stocking of various streams, and general cleanup are some of the maintenance activities that must be performed by these volunteers.

To the right is an historical image of the old Shannon Mill.
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